Statement Furniture


Victorian mill cart / bail trolley of quality and style. From a Northern Heritage mill, kept in this original condition throughout it's working life, itself an achievment, but also showing off style and excellent working condition.

A solid planked thick timber base, sitting on a remarkable four wheel base, rarely seen in this quality. The wheels alone are worth a mention. with a diameter of 280mm, the cast iron of superb quality and not particularly worn, 6 spokes to each wheel, fixed to the base with enormous brakets and bolts.

All wheels turning freely. Iron strap bands securing the stability of the base from beneath. The timber is teak, 2 inches thick, in excellent condition, worn, but displaying the polished natural timber look, only achievable by a century of transporting clean cloth or bails of wool. The cart is fenced by 2 wrought iron railed ends, the shape reminiscent of an old fashioned bed head , again truly beautifully worn to the aged look that cannot be replicated.

Their uses are many, convertion into industrial look coffee tables, retail display items, log store, Shop/ TV props. We have several of these in stock please make an enquiry if you'd like to purchase more than one. 


1010mm wide
1210mm high
1300mm long
360mm base height
280mm wheel diameter
80mm wheel depth
860mm middle bar height
240mm end bar height
teak planks 300mm to 3750 wide
pine planks vary



UK delivery for this cart/trolley is £60 - Additional costs may apply to the Highlands, Devon and those in London Congestion Areas. See Delivery details for more information.